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Vision / Mission



Our mission

Here at AI academy we'are commited to drive the adoption and application of AI for enterprises of all sizes. 

Building upon our international cooperation and expertise in a wide range of AI/ML disciplines we aim to be the first academy to deliver the outcome-guaranteed, full-stack Data Scientist program and become a trusted high-technology training providers for the nation's Industry-Revolution-4.0 workforce.


Our approach

We are continuously breathing innovation from several verticals like ICT, agriculture, healthcare, retail, ... through collaboration with industry experts. We connect academia with industry, research community with product development teams to give our learners practical skillsets built upon a solid theory foundation.

Our learners are welcome to attend ongoing, free monthly seminars at our main office. We encourage learners to join our DataScience Lab to pilot AI-modules, engines.

We seek long-term R&D cooperation with enterprises to develop commercial products.

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