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Computer vision methods for fruid sorting and grading

Nguyen Thi Thuy


Nguyen Thi Thuy




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Quality inspection of food is a tedious and labor intensive process. Ever-increasing population, losses in handling and processing and the increased expectation of food products of high quality and safety standards has raised the need for accurate, fast and objective quality determination methods. The manual inspection contains various problems and challenges in sorting and adequate grading of food products. The primary and major shortcomings of manual sorting are much manpower required, excessive labour power and strength, low production, standard of grading is challenging to carry out and grading precision insecure. The information and communication technology aims to provide the solution and upgrade the status of agricultural field. Computer vision provides one alternative for an automated, non-destructive and cost-effective technique to accomplish these requirements. Computer vision is a rapid, economic, consistent, objective inspection and evaluation technique. Computer vision has been successfully adopted for the quality analysis of meat and fish, fruits, vegetables and bread with applications ranging from routine inspection to the complex vision guided robotic control.The automated system collect images from the CCD camera placed on the top of a conveyer belt, then the existing method or approach, runs automatically to extract various relevant features which are needed for the sorting and grading of fruits. The light intensity inside the imaging capturing chamber must be controlled in order to get best quality of images.

Many experts and scientists have centering their hard work and efforts on design, development and implementation of grading system for expeditious and better quality estimation for various agricultural products. A system of visual inspection requires collection of data acquired by sources of radiation such as gamma rays, X rays, digital cameras or video cameras and the furthermore, processing of these data in order to mutate them into the details, knowledge and intelligence required. Stages of automatic inspection system are as following steps: image acquisiton, pre-processing stage, segmentation, extraction of  features and characteristics and processing.


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