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Hyperspectral image and its application in evaluating food quality

Nguyen Thi Thuy


Nguyen Thi Thuy




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 In recent years, technology of hyperspectral image is already used in evaluating of agricultural food. The technique allowed to collect a big information from the surface and spectral features , and then  detecting their speciality and complication. The highlight point of hyperspectral image is the capacity in evaluating the quality and safety of food without touching, invading and destroying testing samples. Computer vision and spectroscopy are used widely in the recent years. Computer vision uses color feature (RGB) to analyze and evaluate the food quality base on inspection the object’s performance.

Spectrum sensor allows to get spectral information in the wide range reflecting inside features which human eyes as well as camera cannot see, thus we can analyze object’s chemical composition quantitatively.

The application in evaluating the quality and safety of food includes detecting poisoned food, broken food or determining the food ingredients.

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